How to Secure Boiler Leads

Boiler leads are the lifeblood of any heating company. Without a steady flow of work it would be impossible to keep up with demand. The best boiler companies have a robust strategy in place to secure their sales leads and ensure they can consistently deliver on their promises of a fast, friendly and efficient service.

Whether it’s homeowners looking to save on energy costs or commercial businesses requiring a high capacity system finding the right boiler solution is key. Often the decision-making process requires a lot of research and consideration – which is why expert heating engineers are well placed to guide prospective customers towards the best boiler solutions for their needs. Showcasing their in-depth knowledge and offering informed recommendations builds trust and credibility, which are both essential components of securing a lead.

Crucial Steps to Acquire Boiler Leads for Your Business

In many cases, older boilers are oversized for the properties they serve – which means that on the coldest days of the year, the boiler is working at full capacity and potentially burning more fuel than necessary. This can cause issues such as short cycling which can significantly reduce the boiler’s lifespan if not addressed.

To avoid this and to maximize the efficiency of a customer’s existing gas system it may be necessary to resize the boiler. This can be done by using a heat loss calculator to calculate the boiler size required for the property and by comparing the results with the current installed size of the boiler.

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