Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Essential Stairlift Safety Features

Although stair lifts can be invaluable for anyone struggling with mobility issues, they’re not without risks. This is because they can run into people, pets and items that are inadvertently left on the stairs such as toys, clothing or torn carpeting. That’s why every stair lift should be fitted with some basic safety features.

Snagging survey – These ensure that the stair lift doesn’t encounter anything blocking it while it travels up or down the stairs. These can either be infrared or pressure-sensitive and they’re designed to stop the chair from moving if something is blocking its path. This prevents collisions and injuries.

Guarding Against Risks: Essential Safety Features Every Stairlift Should Have

Seat belt – A standard feature on every stair lift, this can prevent users from falling out of the chair while it’s in motion. A swivel seat can also help if users struggle to exit the chair as it allows them to turn and step out onto the flat landing, avoiding a potentially dangerous fall.

Another important stair lift safety feature is a hinged section at the foot of the rail, which can be manually or electrically folded up out of the way to avoid protruding into a doorway and creating a tripping hazard. Regular maintenance and inspections can also help to ensure that potential safety hazards are detected and repaired.

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